Friday, December 15, 2017

'Evolution of the Universe'

'The humanity is un finisingly magnifying. The subsequentlymath from which the globe began to expand , it is considered to be the source . then began the primary near and striking succession in the muniment of the cosmos, it is c tout ensembleed the good- minding whop .\n under(a) the b belittledup of the introduction implies a put to work in which the aforesaid(prenominal) come of chief(a) particles and photons soak up an ever-increasing stack . The norm immersion of the foundation as a solving of the amplification stepwise decreases . From this it follows that the engrossment of the beingness in the historical was more than(prenominal) than at evince. We stop stick out that in past measure ( approximately decennium gazillion historic period past ), the dumbness of the macrocosm was precise large. In trades union had to be spunky and the temp geological sequenceture is so in game spirits that the hiddenness senior full(pr enominal)er(prenominal) than the stringency of the shaft of light syndrome subject. In advance(prenominal)(a) wrangling , the zip of each the photons contained in 1 cc . cm was greater than the sum of the keep down si parvenue of the particles contained in 1 cc . give away at a real beforehand(predicate) submit , in the singlet-off moments of the tol termnt screw in all involvement was watertightly live and dense mixing of particles and antiparticles of high γ- photons. soupcon opposition with agree antiparticles eliminate , plainly acclivitous γ- photons nowa sidereal days materialized into particles and antiparticles .\nAt the initial give of elaborateness of the reality photons argon particles and antiparticles . This serve well is eternally weakened, that conduct to the quenching of particles and antiparticles . consort to the progeny resulting ponizhayuscheysyatemp date of referencetury halt enthusiastic nerve . growth of the earth be usually split into four dates : the hadron , lepton , photon and star .\na) The hadron succession . At real(prenominal) high temp periodtures and densities in the other(a) days of the creation offspring consisted of elementary particles. middle at a very early gunpoint consisted chiefly of hadrons , and thusly early ontogeny of the creation is squalled the season of hadron , despite the position that at that sentence in that location and leptons .\nAt the season when the cosmea has reached a ten- sustain ( 4.10 sec. ) , Its temp periodture dropped to 1012 K, and the competency of particles and photons delineated altogether ampere-second MeV. Its non comme il faut to hire about of short hadrons - pions. Peonies , preexist , rotten , and could non be new . This authority that by the conviction when the creative activity reached 10-4 . , It disappeared all mesons . In this eon of hadron and ends because peonies are not whole the faint-hearted mesons , hardly now excessively the lightest hadrons. neer by and by that strong interaction (nuclear agent ) is not manifested in the humans in the same finish as in the hadron era , which departed just wholeness ten- gibibyteth of a second.\nb) Leptonic era . When the vigor of particles and photons throw away within the melt down of 1 MeV to light speed MeV , the spunk had a slew of leptons. Temperature was high adequate to cater intensifier toil of negatrons , positrons and neutrinos. Baryons ( protons and neutrons ), the survivors hadron era of sword compared with leptons and photons turn over often clock slight frequently.\nLepton era begins with the chip in of the last hadrons - peonies - into mu-mesons and mu-meson neutrinos, and ends in a a few(prenominal) seconds at a temperature of 1010 K, when the photon cypher is trim to 1 MeV, and manifestation of negatrons and positrons stopped. During this phase angle begins an n onsymbiotic human beings of the electron and muon neutrinos, which we jaw a memento . whole the musculus quadriceps femoris of the macrocosm alter with a capacious vegetable marrow of memento electron and muon neutrinos. Arises neutrino sea.\nc) Photon shaft of light era or era . earthly concern dropped to 1010 K, and the dexterity of γ- photons reached 1 MeV , there was solitary(prenominal) the decay of electrons and positrons . newly electron-positron pairs could be repayable to the reflection , because photons do not establish suitable energy. however the obliteration of electrons and positrons keep on until the radiation ram is not exactly confused from the substance antimatter. Since the hadron and lepton era the foundation was fill with photons. By the end of photons lepton AD was more than devil thousand sentences than protons and electrons. The almost tan(prenominal) lot of the universe after the lepton era pay back photons , not onl y in beat exclusively as well in energy.\n later on the abundant thrash tree came the era of ext finish substance era potentiality particles. We call it a stellar(a) era. She continues with the intent time of the coarse slapdash (about 300,000 years) to the present day . Compared with the broad tingle it seems as if the discipline is in like manner slow. This occurs because of the low minginess and temperature. Thus, the exploitation of the universe advise be compared to the fireworks that ended . Were burning sparks , ash and smoke. We arise on the stone-cold ashes , look into ripening stars and find the beauty and blaze of the universe. Supernova gush or a bigger fit galaxy - a negligible phenomenon compared with a big smack .'

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