Sunday, March 8, 2020

Communication Skills Analysis Essays

Communication Skills Analysis Essays Communication Skills Analysis Essay Communication Skills Analysis Essay Communication skills are important in every aspect of business. Information must be clear and accurate. In Customer Service, you must be able to explain company policies to customers and answer their questions about your products or services. Verbal Skills These are skills that are typically acquired during formal education. These could be put into different categories.Internal communication is when someone talks to other staff members about the work set and for assistance if needed. This is also a benefit to the company because all employees can try and solve any problems amongst themselves before asking managers therefore saving time.External communication is when the applicants speak to customers. This could be on the telephone, where a good well spoken manner would be necessary. Face to face could also be included in the external communication; this is where a positive personality and again a well spoken manner would be needed. External communication is a very important skill to have, if a member of staff couldnt speak in a well manner and was rude, customers would not get what they want and maybe even look for another store for example ASDA.Written Communication is where the applicant would expresses his/hers ideas effectively and conveys information appropriately and accurately. This would be a benefit to Tesco as it could help the company learn of any problems going on in the business, if staff members write problems in a suggestion box. This can also be beneficial to customers as staff speak to a vast amount of customers and will have a wider knowledge of what they want compared to managing directors who dont work so closely with customers and members of the public. Also written communication is important because typical forms will need to be filled in if a customer needs to take a faulty item of clothing back then forms will need to be filled in correctly so that the item is sent back correctly and the customer is happy with the outcome.CONCLUSIONSFrom completing this report I have learnt that the person specification and job description matched what Tesco are looking for in an applicant. During the interviewing stages if we come across an applicant with all the skills on the person specification then he/her will be a huge benefit to the company and the customers.